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Список принятых докладов

bpl111 The problems of route and motion planning for an autonomuos flight vehicle in uncertain environment Khachumov M.V., Khachumov V.M.
bpl121 Performance Evaluation Testbed for Emerging Relaying and Coding Algorithms in Flying Ad Hoc Networks Irina A. Kaysina, Danil S. Vasiliev, Albert Abilov, Danil S. Meitis, Aleksey E. Kaysin
bpl405 Monitoring Application for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Asif Iqbal, Faisal Saleem
bpl408 UAV Efficient PID and LQR Controllers Design based on its Stochastic State SpaceDynamics Model including Disturbances I. N. Ibrahim, M. A. A. Akkad and I. V. Abramov
bpl529 The tilt angle estimation in the inverted pendulum stabilization task Andrey Yu.Ivoilov, Fellow, IEEE, Vadim A. Zhmud, and Vitaly G. Trubin, Jr.
dig059 Modeling of digital AGC with multi-signal impact and adaptation of the reference level Aleksandr Prasolov
dig135 Protection of Spacecraft Electronics againstESD Effects Using Nanoconductive Insulators Evgeniya Tyryshkina
dig137 Method of Op-Amp Speeding Increase, Basing on Introduction of the Nonlinear Differentiating Circuit Nikolay N. Prokopenko, Member, IEEE, Anatoliy R. Gaiduk, Anna V. Bugakova
dig138 Transients in the Operational Amplifier with a Square-Law Transfer Characteristic of the Compensating Capacitor Driver Nikolay N.Prokopenko, Member, IEEE, Anatoly R. Gayduk, AnnaV. Bugakova
dig142 Simulation of the Instrumentation Amplifier Implemented on a Printed Circuit Board of Nanoconductive Dielectric F.S. Polishchuk
dig271 Sensitivity Analysisof Digital Filters Using the Continued Fraction Expansion V. Lesnikov, Member, IEEE, T. Naumovich, and A. Chastikov
dig302 Realisation of Integrating Analog-Digital Converter with Intermediate Time-Impulse Modulation Using NI Multisim Vasily Nikolaevich Ashanin, Aleksey Aleksandrovich Korotkov
dig503 CPN-based Model of Parallel Matrix Switchboard D. Kutuzov, A. Osovsky, O. Stukach, D. Starov
edd134 Modeling of Dependence of Dielectric Parameters of Double-layer Ferroelectric Structure on Temperature and Layers Thickness Ekaterina A. Pecherskaya, Timur O. Zinchenko, Pavel E. Golubkov, Anatoliy V. Pecherskiy, Andrey V. Fimin, Kirill O. Nikolaev
edd222 Research of output characteristics of the heterodyne executed on the printed circuit board with the increased resistance to electrostatic discharges D.Abrameshin, S.Tumkovskiy, E.Pozhidaev
edd229 Model Of Radiation Electrization Of Low-Pressurepolyethylene Films With Controlled Conductivity V.O.Korkinets,A.E. Abrameshin, E.D. Pozhidaev
edd269 The increased resistance of the spacecraft electronic elements containing dielectrics to the emergence of ESD Margarita Afanasyeva
edf079 Methods and algorithms of design on domestic FPGAs with given restrictions on routing resources V.M. Khvatov, T.V. Garbulina 
edf118 The device of secure data transmission based on Magma crypto algorithm with implementation on FPGA Oleg V. Drozd, Denis V. Kapulin
edf131 Real-Time Sorting and Lossless Сompression of Data on FPGA Valery A. Kokovin, Saygid U. Uvaysov and Svetlana S. Uvaysova
edf164 Synchronizing Device For Navigation Equipment Galina V. Nikonova, Member, IEEE, Aleksandr V. Nikonov
edm040 TCAD Simulation of the 65-nm CMOS Logical Elements of the Decoders with Single-Event Transients Compensation Yuri V. Katunin, and Vladimir Ya. Stenin
edm097 Design and Simulation of the CMOS RS Logical Elements with Spacing between Transistor Groups for Minimization of Single-Event Upsets Yuri V. Katunin, and Vladimir Ya. Stenin
edm098 Non-contact Method for Assessing the Quality of Assembly of Electronic Devices Based on Registration and Analysis of Contact Radio Interference Nikolay N. Grachev, full professor, IEEE member, Sergey N. Safonov
edm193 Fast and Accurate Resource-aware functional ECO Patch Generation Tool Alexander Stempkovskiy, Dmitry Telpukhov, Roman Soloviev 
edm199 Fully Integrated Switched-Capacitor Voltage Converter with Regulated Output Valery E. Shunkov, Oleg N. Kus, Vitaly Y. Prokopyev, Vladimir A. Butuzov, and Yury I. Bocharov
edm254 Comparison of the Matching Circuits for the 65-nm CMOS Translation Lookaside Buffers  Artem V. Antonyuk, Student Member, IEEE,and Pavel V. Stepanov
edm260 Thermodynamic Analysis Of Nonvolatile Memory Cells Based On Phase Transitions Anatoly Popov, Sergey Salnikov, Yuriy Anufriev, Elena Zenova, Denis Zezin, and Alexander Makarov
edm304 Development of automated measurement systems for testing integrated circuits of switching converters Alexei N. Shkolin, Alexandr Y. Drakin, and Vitaliy F. Zotin
edm311 Application of the Layout-Aware Single Event Simulations to a Design of 65 nm Memory Units Anton O. Balbekov
edm323 Development of Compact SPICE-models of IC Resistive Interconnects with Different Configurations Konstantin O. Petrosyants, Nikita I. Ryabov, Boris G. Lvov, and Ekaterina I. Batarueva
edr064 Computer simulation of electrical characteristics of a nanocontact "Au - 1.8-nonodiyne - Au" Daulet Sergeyev, Kuanyshbek Shunkeyev
edr065 Simulation of electrical characteristics of a nanocontact "Au - Pentacene - Au" Daulet Sergeyev, Lyudmila Myasnikova, Nurgul Zhanturina, Alexandra Barmina
edr075 Radiation-Induced Conductivity of Molecularly Doped Polycarbonate D.A. Abrameshin 
edr156 Cyclic Partitions In Nano-Electronics. Nano-Cluster Circular Systems Valery G. Rau,Oleg R. Nikitin, Kirill A. Gorshkov, Hadi M. Saleh,Tamara F. Rau. 
edr314 Sensors Based on MIS Structures for Study of Ionization Radiations Vladimir V. Andreev1, Member, IEEE, GennadyG. Bondarenko2, Dmitrii V. Andreev3, and DmitriyM. Akhmelkin4
edr317 Monte Carlo Simulation of Nuclear Reaction Induced Soft Error Rate in Modern Commercial Circuits Artur M. Galimov, Alexei V. Alexandrov, Regina M. Galimova, Gennady I. Zebrev
edr321 Simulation of Radiation-Induced Supply Leakage Currents in Modern Digital CMOS Thermometer DS18B20 RustemG. Useinov, Oleg V. Meshurov, Maxim G. Drosdetsky, and Gennady I. Zebrev
edz191 Investigation of Thermal Mode of LED Luminaire when Parameters of LEDs are Varied  S. S. Kapitonov, A. V. Kapitonova, S. Yu. Grigorovich, S. A. Medvedev
edz198 The Technology of Processing Information and Recognizing Gas Mixtures Using a Multisensory System Based on the Use of Neural Networks  V.P.Kulagin, A.F.Kaperko,Y.M.Kuznetsov, N.M.Obolyaeva, G.M.Chulkova, A.N.Yurin, A.I.Ivanov, A.V.Shustrov
edz246 The Study of Five-level Inverters with the Various PWM Oleg A. Lysenko, Ivan Yu. Marchinskiy
edz287 Automatized Setup for Researching of MIS Structures under High-field Tunnel Injection of Electrons at Stressand Measurement Conditions Dmitrii V. Andreev, Gennady G. Bondarenko, Vladimir V. Andreev, Member, IEEE, and Alexander A. Stolyarov4
edz318 Measuring complex for registering photoelectric response of LED heterostructures under local photoexcitation V. A. Sergeev, S. V. Vasin, O. A. Radaev, I. V. Frolov
edz500 Automation of Parameter Extraction Procedure for Si JFET SPICE Model in the -200:+110°C Temperature Range Konstantin O. Petrosyants, Mamed R. Ismail-zade, Lev M. Sambursky, Oleg V. Dvornikov, Boris G. Lvov, Igor A. Kharitonov
edz528 Transimpedance operational amplifier for highspeed systems-on-a-chip V. V. Yerokhin, K. V. Murasov, A. V. Kosykh, S. A. Zavyalov
emc083 Analysis of Signal Integrity in a Microstrip Transmission Line on a Substrate of the Nanoconducting Dielectric A. D.Zhadov
emc179 Use of Evolution Strategy when Revealing the Worst Case Effects of Ultrashort Pulse Propagation in PCB Bus of Spacecraft Autonomous Navigation System Ruslan R. Gazizov, Rustam R. Gazizov, Talgat R. Gazizov
emc203 Simulation of the Time Response in Multiconductor Microstrip Modal Filters with Separate Accounting for Losses in Conductors and Dielectrics Anton O. Belousov and Talgat R. Gazizov
emc211 Optimization of Protective Varnish Tickness for Crosstalk Minimization in Multiconductor Bus of a Space-born PCB Roman S. Surovtsev, Talgat R. Gazizov
emc518 Influence of the Cross-Section Form of the Power Bus Bar on its Parameters  S. Ternov, A.V. Demakov, M.E. Komnatnov, Member, IEEE
gad058 Development Of An Electric-Pulse Unit For Cleaning Coal Dust From The Electrostatic Filters Surfaces Aleksandr S. Tatevosyan, Andrey A. Tatevosyan, Natalya N. Zaharova
gad060 Use of Network Technologies for the Improvement of the Non-invasive Cardio Diagnostics System Oleg N. Bodin, Mikhail N. Kramm, Evgeni A. Lomtev, Kasymbek A. Ozhikenov, Vitaly G. Polosin, Fagim K. Rakhmatullov
gad084 New Topology of an Unipolar Active Magnetic Bearing for High-speed Electrical Motorof Aircraft Air Conditioning System Flur Ismagilov, Vyacheslav Vavilov, Ildus Sayakhov
gad107 Perimental Study Of The Ferromagnetic Groove Carrying Conductor Surface Aleksandr S. Tatevosyan, Andrey A. Tatevosyan, Natalya N. Zaharova
gad195 Wide-band Hybrid Frequency Synthesizer with Improved Noise Performance V.V. Romashov, L.V. Romashova, K.K. Khramov, K.A. Yakimenko, A.N. Doktorov
gad250 A Technique For Conducting Experimental And Theoretical Dynamic Research In Design Of Instrument Devices Artamonov D.V., Litvinov A.N., Yurkov N.K., IEEE member # 93889054, Kochegarov I.I., Lysenko A.V.
gad265 A harmonic signal generator with a continuous phase A.V. Sokolovskii, D.D. Dmitriev, I.N. Kartsan, A.E. Goncharov
gad294 Automated test development system for digital devices Valery M. Grishkin, Dmitry A. Ovsyannikov, Yevgeny V. Yelaev, Nikolay S. Maschinskiy
gad501 The complex of automated control of secondary power supplies parameters Ivanov I.A, Korolev P.S., Sedov K.D.
gad502 Model for Calculating the Reliability of a Wireless Sensor Telecommunication System for Monitoring the Gas Transmission Network State Ivanov O., Ivanov I., Uvaysov S.
gad543 The Theory of Virtual Modeling of Physical Processes in Onboard Electronic Means Yury N. Kofanov
gis030 Increasing The Reliability Of Data Transmission And Immunity By Correcting The Frequency Characteristics Of Receiving Channels In On-Board Retransmission Systems Of Satellite Communication Systems V.N. Tyapkin, V.N. Ratushnyak, D.D. Dmitriev, A.M. Mandranov
gis037 The Organization And Short-Range Navigation Radio Systems Structure Based On Pseudosatellites E.N. Garin, Y.L. Fateev, A.B. Gladyshev, V. N. Ratushnyak
gis042 Design of Onboard Cable Network of the Spacecraft for the Formation ofGeoinformation Systems A.V. Vostrikov,E.N. Prokofeva, S.N. Polesskiy
gis096 Алгоритм одноточечной радиопеленгации в диапазоне ВЧ в условиях поляризационных замираний Д.В. Лучин, А.П. Трофимов, Д.В. Филиппов, В.В. Юдин
gis292 Effective Integration Algorithm for Pedestrian Dead Reckoning Ilya A. Nagin, Yury M. Inchagov
gis301 Integrated UWB/IMU system for high rate indoor navigation with cm-level accuracy Roman S. Kulikov, Member, IEEE
isk169 Investigation and Development of the Intelligent Voice Assistant for the Internet of Things Using Machine Learning Polyakov E.V., Mazhanov M.S., Rolich A.Y., Voskov L.S., Kachalova M.V., Polyakov S.V.
isk247 Multicriteria Selection of the Optimal Variant of a Complex System Based on the Interval Analysis of Fuzzy Input Data Alexey Grishko, Evgeniya Danilova, Ilya Rybakov, Eduard Lapshin, Nikolay Goryachev
isk256 Подход к раннему обнаружению информационных атак в корпоративных распределенных информационно-вычислительных системах М.Ю. Монахов, Ю.М. Монахов, А.В. Тельный
isk545 Debugging Test Set Generation for Digital Control System Functions Alexander Ivannikov, Boris Pozdneev, Irina Romanova, Sergej Tumkovskiy
mwg081 Topological Features of the Active RC-Filter Schemes with the Extended Frequency Operating Range Darya Yu. Denisenko, Yuriy Iv. Ivanov, and Nikolay N. Prokopenko
mwg085 Optimization of Frequency Dependence of Group Time Delay at the Transmitting Paths of the Radar by the Application of Equalizers N. D. Malyutin, A.N. Gusev, M. E. Rovkin, V. N. Fedorov
mwg112 A 20 to 60 GHz Frequency Doubler MMIC Using a Quasi-Vertical GaAs Shottky Diodes A. Drozdov
mwg149 A Definition of Basis-level  of the Brillouin Frequency Shift  in Optical Fibers of Various Types Igor V. Bogachkov
mwg171 The Possibility of Increasing the Bandwidth of Fiber-Optic Communication Lines Alexey A. Loktev, Konstantin A. Izotov, and Daniil A. Loktev
mwg175 Ultra-Wideband Multifunctional Radiophoton  Receiving Tract for Analogue Processing of Signals of the Microwave Band An. V. Gamilovskaya, Yu. N. Volkhin, An. S. Andreev, Igor V. Bogachkov
mwg212 Solution of a multidimensional system of equations for differentiating probability densities with respect to Y to identify  silver nanoparticles on fibers Emelyanov V. M., Chief Researcher SWSU; Emelyanov V. V.
ntk102 Modeling the Configuration of Data Processing Channels in a Dangerous Situation Klevtsov S.
ntk110 Topology, Protocols And Databases In Bluetooth 4.0 Sensor Networks Nikita A. Andriyanov and Vitalii E. Dement'ev
ntk151 On an Optimal Solution for Multi-Constrained Routing Problem in the Over-Constrained Case Evgeny V. Shcherba, George A. Litvinov
ntk154 Mathematical Model for Administration of Web-conference Distributed Systems  First A. Alexander G. Ivashko, Second B. Marina S. Vorobeva, Third C. Anatoliy Yu. Oshepkov, Fourth D. Artem M. Vorobev
ntk264 Distributions of Degrees in Growing Graphs with Loss of Arcs  Vladimir N. Zadorozhnyi, Evgeniy B. Yudin, Maria N. Yudina
ntk319 Fuzzy system for controlling queue size of packets in telecommunication nodes Tran Quoc Toan, A.A. Sorokin, Vo Thi Huyen Trang
ntk320 Using fuzzy classification to support decisionmaking during the modernization of the network infrastructure elements Sorokin A. A., Oleynikov A. A., Goryunov A. A. 
ntp044 Исследование двух вариантов использования протокола MQTT в IoT-сетях С.Г. Майхуб 
ntp139 The Traffic Safety Management System in Urban Conditions Based on the С4.5 Algorithm Alla G. Kravets, Dmitry A. Skorobogatchenko, Natalia A. Salnikova, Nazim Y. Orudjevand, Olga V. Poplavskaya
ntp232 Development and Research of the PreFirewall Network Application for Floodlight SDN Controller Sergey V. Morzhov and Mikhail A. Nikitinskiy
ntp259 Big Telemetry Data Processing in the Scope of Modern Internet of Things Anton R.Fakhrazeev, Alexey Yu. Rolich,and Leonid S. Voskov
ntp274 Survey of Data ExchangeFormats forHeterogeneous LPWAN-SatelliteIoT Networks Ivan I. Lysogor, Leonid S. Voskov, Sergey G. Efremov
ntp276 Multi-agent Modeling of User Behavior for Social Media Analysis Anton Ivaschenko, Anastasiya Khorina, Vladislav Isaiko, Daniil Krupin, Viktor Bolotsky, and Pavel Sitnikov
ntp295 Recovering of Useful Signal in Chaotic Carrier Data Transmission System with State Observer Alexey S. Mushenko, Fellow, IEEE, Julia N. Dzuba, and Alexander D. Zolkin
ntp303 An integration algorithm for simulating stiff electrical networks Yury V. Shornikov, Evgeny A. Popov
ntp411 IOT Based Efficient D2D Communication Muhammad Abrar, Rooha Masroor, Ifra Masroor, Asif Hussain
reg086 Nonlinear Effects in Dynamics of Hysteresis Regulators with Double Synchronization Yury Kolokolov and Anna Monovskaya
reg093 A method for realization of nonlinear state-dependent coefficients regulators based on microcontroller memory  Semion A. A.
reg145 Introducing of Linear Dependence Measure into Multipoint Projection Techniques for Model Order Reduction M.M. Gourary, S.G. Rusakov, S.L. Ulyanov, M.M. Zharov
reg202 The Method of Automated Synthesis of Thermal Control Systems of Microelectronic Devices Gromov I.Yu., Kozhevnikov A.M., Kofanov Yu.N.
reg310 Ways to reduce the negative impact of AC failure on consumers Robert R. Sattarov, Aivaz Sh. Gareev
reg530 The Dynamic Accuracy Increasing for a Controlling System by Means of the Modified Algorithm of Numerical Optimization of the Regulator Andrey Yu.Ivoilov, Vadim A. Zhmud, and Hubert Roth 
reg531 Automatic Identification of Controlled Objects  Vadim A. Zhmud, Lubomir V. Dimitrov and Wolfram Hardt 
ssp043 Information characteristics signals and noise with non-Gaussian distribution V. M. Artyushenko, and V. I. Volovach
ssp046 The effect of multiplicative noise on probability density function of signal and additive noise V. M. Artyushenko, and V. I. Volovach
ssp166 Averaged Absolute Spectral Correlation Density Estimator Timofey Shevgunov, Senior Member, IEEE, Evgeniy Efimov, and Dmitriy Zhukov
ssp220 Transformation of the phase structure of nanosecond radio signals while stroboscopic processing V.D. Zakharchenko, E. V. Verstakov
ssp221 The Method of Reducing the Noise Influence and Time-series Samples Fluctuations on the Accuracy of Information Representation  Y.A. Kropotov, A.Y. Proskuryakov, A.A. Belov 
ssp281 Computational Algorithms for Fractional-N PLL Noise Simulation in the Phase Domain M.M. Gourary, S.G. Rusakov, S.L. Ulyanov, M.M. Zharov, L.P. Ionov, I.I. Muhin
ssp514 Method of detection of a source of contact noises at wireless communication in motion Nikolay N. Grachev, full professor, IEEE member, Sergey N. Safonov, assistant professor, IEEE member
ssp516 Algorithms to form and process signals for multilevel defense of transmitted data based on the principles of cognitive and software-defined radio Sergey N. Kirillov, Alexander A. Lisnichuk, Ivan V. Lukashin, Pavel S. Pokrovskij
ssp540 Macromodeling Approaches for Simulation of Coupled Oscillator Networks M.M. Gourary, S.G. Rusakov, S.L. Ulyanov, M.M. Zharov
sva006 The influence of directivity factor of cylindrical antenna array on DOA estimation in azimuth plane Yu.B. Nechaev, I.W. Peshkov
sva027 Planar antenna array for 3G and 4G wireless communication Denis A. Letavin; Alexei L. Konovalov, Sergey G. Sychugov
sva028 Antenna for mobile communication of the 5th generation Denis A. Letavin; Alexei L. Konovalov
sva052 Volumetric-modular technology for building high-frequency diagramming devices N.V. Dudarev, S.N. Darovskih
sva129 Investigation of slot reflect array antennas Svyatoslav V.Ballandovich, Liubov M. Liubina, and Mikhail I. Sugak
sva162 An Analysis of the Multiband Non-planar Koch-type Fractal Dipole with Steerable Geometry Aleksey S. Gvozdarev, Member, IEEE, Tatiana K. Artemova
sva178 Экспериментальное исследование эффекта "сверхразрешения" приемных цифровых антенных решеток при применении алгоритма полигармонической экстраполяции А.В. Пучков, П.Н. Вьюгин, А.П. Евсеев, Р.Г. Нужный
sva214 Numerical electromagnetic simulation of parabolic antenna Artemiy Drize and Konstantin Klimov
sva228 Algorithm of radio direction finding in the HF range in polarization fading conditions with collocated antennas Dmitry V. Luchin, Alexey P. Trofimov, Dmitry V. Filippov, Vyacheslav V. Yudin
sva236 The usage of impedance-matched material for increasing antenna emitters wavelength Victor Perfilyev, Konstantin Klimovand Andrey Godin
sva525 Synthesis and analysis of signal parameters estimation algorithm with space-time processing in real numbers operating by antenna array observations Alexander I. Perov, Sergey P. Ippolitov
svc053 The effectiveness of synchronization system based  on the combined sequence V. Artyushenko, and V. Volovach
svc130 The Signal Code Structure Selection in the Communication Channels in the  Wireless Sensor Networks V.V. Fedorenko, D.V. Aldushchenko,  N.V. Listova, I.V. Samoylenko, V.V. Samoylenko
svc176 The Application of Modulo q Check Codes to Increase the Efficiency of Non-Binary Multithreshold Decoders Over q-ary Symmetric Channel Zolotarev V.V., Ovechkin G.V., Ovechkin P.V., Pilkin A.N.
svc200 Method for estimating the mutual time delays of satellite communication system signals based on CDMA technology for the passive direction finding problem Roman A. Ershov, Oleg A. Morozov, Ilya V. Grin', and Vladimir R. Fidelman
svc217 On the question of the authentication tag length based on Reed-Solomon codes Zhilyaev A. E. Gurova E.B
svc517 Algorithms to evaluate the quality of the received speech and psycho-emotional state of the speaker in the presence of acoustic interference in telecommunication systems Sergey Kirillov, Vladimir Dmitriev, Dmitriy Lukyanov, Dmitriy Semin
sva544 Impact of Antenna Mutual Coupling on WiFi Positioning and Angle of Arrival Estimation Ilya V. Korogodin, Vladimir V. Dneprov
svk001 Signal Processing in the Microwave Front-End Radiolink for Logging-While-Drilling through the Borehole Pipes Oleg Stukach, Arman Mirmanov,  Yuriy Yu. Ivanov
svk099 Full-Duplex Power Line Communication System. Analog Cancellation, System Concept and Implementation Problems E. V. Rogozhnikov, E. M. Dmitriyev, A. K. Movchan
svk116 The simulation of error-correcting communication channel for video transmission Igor Y. Lvovich, Andrey P. Preobrazhenskiy, Oleg N. Choporov
svk132 Estimation of the Transmission Coefficients of a MIMO System Radio Channel Indoors Panychev A.I., Vaganova A.A., Kisel N.N.
svk152 The Communications Channels Models in Wireless Sensor Networks, based on the Structural-Energetic Interaction between Signals and Interferences N.V. Listova, V.V. Fedorenko, I.V. Samoylenko, I.V.Emelyanenko, V.V. Samoylenko 
svk233 Development analog and digital part of device for communication across earth using electromagnetic and V. S. Potylitsyn, D. S. Kudinov, O. A Maikov, R. G. Shaydurov, V. V. Romanov
svk253 Analisys of Frequency-Correlation Properties of Multipath Channel for Encyprion Key Generation Using Samples of Differential Phase A.I. Sulimov, O.N. Sherstyukov, A.V. Karpov
svk282 An Approach forOptimal MaintenancePlanning of Radio Communication Devices Considering Reliability and Operational Costs A. Lyubchenko, J. Pacheco, E. Kopytov, S. Lutchenko, V. Maystrenko, Senior Member, IEEE S. Bartosh
svk283 Verification and Analysis of Stationary Properties of Radio Equipment Maintenance Planning Model A. Lyubchenko, J. Pacheco, E. Kopytov, S. Lutchenko, V. Maystrenko, Senior Member, IEEE, S. Bartosh
svk286 The Development of the Data Transmission Method and the Data Transmission Device for the Industrial Control Systems of the Energy Carrier Parameters Ivan S. Karavaev, Vasily I. Selivantsev, Yury I. Shtern, Maxim Y. Shtern
svk412 Multi-Constraint QoS Disjoint Multipath Routing in SDN Manan Doshi, Aayush Kamdar
svk547 Model of a Self-Similar Traffic Generator and Evaluation of Buffer Storage for Classical and Fractal Queuing Systems T. Tatarnikova, O. Kutuzov